Our 2018 content highlights


21 December 2018

SEI farewell Co-Director Iain McCalman

The Sydney Environment Institute farewells co-director Iain McCalman, who has announced his well-deserved retirement after a truly remarkable academic career.
19 November 2018

MSJ series: thinking and enacting justice in a multispecies world

The Multispecies Justice blog series features content from researchers in the FASS Strategic Research Program Project called ‘Developing the field of Multispecies Justice’. The first blog post in the series by project lead Danielle Celermajer explores what motivates FASS’s new research theme on Multispecies Justice.
04 October 2018

Coral futures: finding a compromise

Earlier this year, Australia Research Council’s Coral Reef Futures Symposium (July 18-19) was a chance for coral scientists and researchers from a variety of disciplines to meet, present their current research, and discuss future avenues. There was a curious atmosphere in the darkened auditorium at Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art, a sense of determination diffused by tentative hope.
03 October 2018

Rebuilding the public sphere from the soil up

The food system provides a lens for exploring citizenship, agency and participation in the public sphere. Alana Mann and Eric Holt-Giménez argue for a critical public sphere that provides the foundation for new forms of food democracy. But if the food movement is “rebuilding the public sphere from the ground up” what does this look like?
27 September 2018

Building food utopias: amplifying voices, dismantling power

As the number of food movement groups promoting different, yet overlapping, food and agriculture solutions continue to increase, it is essential that they include not only the voices of people from diverse backgrounds but their leadership, too.
26 September 2018

The return of the repressed: the first reef war and its significance today

SEI’S Iain McCalman, shares the story of how poet Judith Wright’s small community coalition helped win the First Reef War, and reflects on what lessons we can learn from that victory, for today’s fight for the Great Barrier Reef.
17 September 2018

Economic justice in the emerging energy system

“What are we actually talking about when we talk about ‘energy’? Is it a commodity that we trade? Is it a public good or an essential service? Or, is it a fundamental human right? Because, how we think about energy is going to lead us down very different economic pathways.” Dr Amanda Cahill, CEO of The Next Economy explores the opportunities for justice that exist in democratising the ownership and control of renewable energy generation in Australia.
06 August 2018

SEI researchers awarded ARC linkage funding for Sydney Food Incubator

Co-director Professor David Schlosberg, SEI Key Researcher, Dr Alana Mann, and former SEI PhD Candidate, Dr Luke Craven (now based at UNSW Canberra) have been awarded $423,500 funding for an ARC Linkage Project to develop, implement and evaluate a food business incubator in the City of Sydney.
16 July 2018

Heat: the silent killer

“The design aims to provoke the realisation of a limited – yet crucial – sense of agency and responsibility in the form of minor interventions for adaptation to unprecedented climatic conditions.”
03 July 2018

Reflecting on ‘indigenous sustainability practices and processes’

“Sustainability practices and processes entangle culture through traditional foods. With access to country and maintenance of customary economies, there are opportunities for human flourishing, animal and plant restoration.”