Our 2019 content highlights


04 December 2019

MSJ Series: georegional justice from legal personhood to democratic agency

SEI Researcher Christine Winter asks whether the frameworks that grant environments like Aotearoa’s Whanganui River legal personhood should include a right to vote.
26 November 2019

Dinesh Wadiwel presents the 2020 Iain McCalman lecture

The Sydney Environment Institute’s annual Iain McCalman lecture celebrates interdisciplinary scholarship, and we are thrilled to announce Dr Dinesh Wadiwel as the 2020 keynote.
10 October 2019

Living lab series: Ben Pinney on championing sustainability in the USU

For the next instalment of the Living Lab series, SEI editor Liberty Lawson sits down with operations manager Ben Pinney to talk about the evolution of sustainability within the University’s outlets, from reusable mugs to food rescue schemes.
02 October 2019

MSJ series: the atmospheric politics of lively capital

The giant panda is a conservation icon, an anthropomorphised star of advertising campaigns that tells a fascinating story of affective force and capitalist economies in the Anthropocene.
18 September 2019

See you in the streets: the climate strike and extinction rebellion

Accepting an award from Amnesty International on Monday, Greta Thunberg rightly said, “Activism works — so act“. And as we turn to the streets, the Government’s desperate attempt to criminalise social protest and label activists as ‘terrorists’ shows that our protest is indeed working — as long as we all keep showing up.
12 September 2019

How to talk about climate change (without losing friends)

Ahead of the Global Climate Strikes on September 20 and 27, twelve-year-old climate activist Belle shares a speech she gave last month for her local climate action group, exploring how we can use our own values to communicate effectively in a time of crisis.
10 September 2019

Snail stories for a time of extinctions

Coiled up in the tiny shells of snails lie stories of loss and the struggle for ongoing life, of meaning making, of relationships, of care and disregard.
28 August 2019

Stealing worlds into being: on crows

An excerpt from SEI Researcher Thom van Dooren’s new book, The Wake of Crows: Living and Dying in Shared Worlds, which will be published by Columbia University Press in October 2019.
21 August 2019

Sustainable Materialism: power in the practices of everyday life

This September we are thrilled to launch David Schlosberg and Luke Craven’s new book, Sustainable Materialism, exploring the new wave of sustainability movements that are reclaiming material systems and overturning environmental injustices across the world.
19 August 2019

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Pacific Island Forum

Rosemary Lyster on the Australian Government’s “pathological, ideological opposition” to stepping up to the realities of climate change.