Our 2021 content archive


22 December 2021

Farewelling Professor Alana Mann

Congratulations to Alana Mann as she heads to a new role as Professor and Head of Discipline at the University of Tasmania in 2022.
21 December 2021

Congratulations to Anna Sturman on the award of her doctorate

The Sydney Environment Institute is thrilled to congratulate Doctoral Fellow Anna Sturman on the award of her PhD, Capital, the State and Climate Change in Aotearoa New Zealand.
20 December 2021

Fouling / Concrescing / Artmaking: three habits of an encrusting ocean

A longform essay adapted from Killian Quigley's Postdoctoral Fellowship lecture on the the dynamics that take place “where invertebrate organisms and sunken surfaces meet”.
16 December 2021

Renewable energy and empowering Indigenous communities

2021 Honours Research Fellow Phoebe Evans provides an overview of her dissertation examining the possibilities of Australia’s transition to renewable energy for Indigenous communities.
15 December 2021

On Dr Christine Winter’s Subjects of Intergenerational Justice

Sophie Chao reflects on SEI Postdoctoral Researcher Christine Winter’s new book, Subjects of Intergenerational Justice (Routledge 2021), which challenges mainstream Western intergenerational environmental justice theories and highlights the value of Indigenous philosophies and practices for solving global environmental problems.
13 December 2021

SEI announces new Honours Award in partnership with the Chau Chak Wing Museum (CCWM)

The Sydney Environment Institute welcomes applications from undergraduate students interested in engaging with a natural museum collection to explore environmental issues.
09 December 2021

SEI publishes new report on climate change and transformative community action

The first publication from collaborative research project on community-driven, already-existing transformative action on climate change has arrived, examining work underway in Australia.
07 December 2021

At the edge: personal reflections on stasis and process within lockdown

Drawing upon personal experiences of Sydney’s 2021 Covid-19 lockdown, Robyn Backen traces elegant lines between vanished plans, future possibilities and the moments and matter in between.
02 December 2021

Investigating intergenerational justice and the roots of our environmental crises

SEI Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Christine Winter has recently published her PhD research in a new book, ‘Subjects of Intergenerational Justice: Indigenous Philosophy, the Environment and Relationships’. In this short Q&A Christine provides some insights on what led her to this research, the contribution it hopes to make and where she sees her ideas going next.
29 November 2021

Rising to the Challenge of Renewable Electrification in the Pacific

The facilitators of the recent Pacific Forum on Renewable Energy consider some of the key themes that arose from the event, and paths forward.