Our 2021 content archive


15 October 2021

Dark interludes: The Black Summer and time, grief, memory, value

In this evocative piece Michelle St Anne responds to scholar Gemma Viney, drawing the lines between the birth of an experiential idea amidst Australia’s Black Summer and its delivery in the form of Dark Interludes, a magisterial work of care and collaboration.
13 October 2021

Wild sense: Ethics and multisensory ecology

In this reflective piece, Jay Johnston considers how sensory ecology may open up creative space for humans to better-know our fellow creatures and build worlds that reflect this knowledge.
08 October 2021

Interweaving Voices: Wayai and Women’s Songs of Sorrow

In the fourth part of the Interweaving Voices series, musicologist Genevieve Campbell shares the story of the Wayai, and the powerful connections across memory, time and space the songs summon.
06 October 2021

Writing the environment: Encounters, transformation, and perspectives in multispecies storytelling

In this collaborative piece a geographer, an anthropologist and a historian unspool reflections on and excerpts of writing from the recent SEI Writing the Environment workshop.
28 September 2021

Reckoning with food crimes: Shifting the conversation from harms to violence

An active and unacceptable agenda in our food systems should be named, shamed, and taken seriously if we want to do something about it, writes SEI Research Lead Alana Mann.
15 September 2021

Reimagining leadership in global environmental movements

SEI Postdoctoral Fellow Dr June Rubis considers the contours of a leadership paradigm fit for transforming our systems.
09 September 2021

‘Never again’, or never?

Samuel Naylor explores some of the legal and philosophical limits to environmental justice in Australia.
06 September 2021

Forms, functions and flows of power: Investigating the surveillance of the sea

SEI talks with new member Dr Sara Leon Spesny about her research on state surveillance and bringing her ideas to Australia’s oceanic frontiers.
01 September 2021

Food in the land of the fair go

‘Food insecurity in Australia is on the rise, yet it remains a serious and underappreciated policy issue’ claims a new paper from FoodLab Sydney, lead-authored by SEI Doctoral Fellow Omar Elkharouf.
19 August 2021

Reaching Across Disciplinary Boundaries to Consider Ecological Futures

SEI talks with new member James Dunk about how he came to his research at the intersections of history, health and ecology, and his hopes for future interdisciplinary research.