28 October 2021

SEI’s inaugural collaborative research fellows announced for 2022

The first round of SEI’s Collaborative Research Fellowships have been awarded to three outstanding research duos, for projects contemplating young persons’ mental health and climate distress, governance for renewable energy transitions in the Pacific, and the internal validity of metrics in carbon accounting.
26 October 2021

Understanding the Diverse Meanings and Practices of Environmental Justice

The contours of the contemporary environmental justice movement are being mapped as part of an exciting ARC-funded project. Here, Research Assistants Hannah Della Bosca and Oli Moraes describe the purpose of the project and how its research methodology has been designed to capture the nuances of environmental justice today.
20 October 2021

NGO Employment Pathways for Early Career Researchers

Despite the increasing attractiveness of non-traditional career paths for researchers, the paths from academia to working in other sectors are not always clear cut. This short article summarises the expert advice given to University of Sydney HDRs and early career researchers at a recent workshop on pathways into the NGO sector.
18 October 2021

Birding in Lockdown: Reconsidering Vision

In this companion piece to Jay Johnston’s recent introduction of sensory ecology, Ruth Barcan reflects on the thronged multitudes who visit her birdbath and the contours and nuances of these encounters.
15 October 2021

Dark interludes: The Black Summer and time, grief, memory, value

In this evocative piece Michelle St Anne responds to scholar Gemma Viney, drawing the lines between the birth of an experiential idea amidst Australia’s Black Summer and its delivery in the form of Dark Interludes, a magisterial work of care and collaboration.
13 October 2021

Wild sense: Ethics and multisensory ecology

In this reflective piece, Jay Johnston considers how sensory ecology may open up creative space for humans to better-know our fellow creatures and build worlds that reflect this knowledge.
08 October 2021

Interweaving Voices: Wayai and Women’s Songs of Sorrow

In the fourth part of the Interweaving Voices series, musicologist Genevieve Campbell shares the story of the Wayai, and the powerful connections across memory, time and space the songs summon.
06 October 2021

Writing the environment: Encounters, transformation, and perspectives in multispecies storytelling

In this collaborative piece a geographer, an anthropologist and a historian unspool reflections on and excerpts of writing from the recent SEI Writing the Environment workshop.