27 May 2021

Is Indigenous sovereignty the key to a sustainable future?

We sit down with international relations scholar Robert MacNeil, discussing his work in climate policy and whether today’s intersecting crises are symptoms of colonialism.
24 May 2021

Unpacking Australia’s extinction crisis

International relations scholar Ana Maria Ulloa explores the history of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the role that NGOs can play in addressing the ‘implementation gap’ preventing Australia from protecting our wildlife.
05 May 2021

Revolutionising anthropocentrism through a multispecies political system

2021 Honours Fellow Sam Norman is revolutionising Western political paradigms in his research with an ontological turn towards the more-than-human world.
03 May 2021

An endangered menagerie: remembering our vanishing species

The mountain ash eucalypt, regent honeyeaters and potoroos are all vanishing at an astonishing rate, alongside countless others. Here, we assemble excerpts from a new essay collection aiming to bear witness to this age of loss.