29 November 2021

Rising to the Challenge of Renewable Electrification in the Pacific

The facilitators of the recent Pacific Forum on Renewable Energy consider some of the key themes that arose from the event, and paths forward.
25 November 2021

Encouraging Inquisitiveness and Connection to Shared Histories: Spotlight on Dr Jude Philp

In this time of disruption, we take a pause to highlight the work of SEI Member Dr Jude Philp connecting people, places and discussions through the Macleay Collections at the Chau Chak Wing Museum at the University of Sydney.
17 November 2021

Call for Applications: SEI’s 2022 Honours Research Fellowship

The Sydney Environment Institute invites applications for our 2022 Honours Research Fellowship Program from University of Sydney students interested in engaging with multidisciplinary thinking around critical environmental issues.
15 November 2021

The Need for Grounded Imaginaries for Future Worlds

In an increasingly climate devastated world, the sources of hope and inspiration for liveable futures can appear fleeting and sparse. In this piece, Danielle Celermajer and Anna Sturman contemplate the better worlds that are immanent in day-to-day lives. They suggest that these ‘grounded imaginaries’ may help to rebutt the dominant climate imaginaries, which tend to keep us locked in cycles of disempowerment.
15 November 2021

Examining Contemporary Shifts and Public Policy Responses in Global Capitalism

New SEI Member Dr Gareth Bryant discusses his research into the changing roles of public power and finance in our time of flux, drawing lines between economic, social and environmental justice.
11 November 2021

Funding Awarded for Research on Just Transitions in the Asia-Pacific

SEI is delighted to congratulate Visiting Fellow Dr Gareth Edwards, SEI Acting Deputy-Director Professor Susan Park and Dr Robert MacNeil, on the award of funding for crucial research into Australia’s just transition from coal.
01 November 2021

How a Focus on Small-scale Projects Can Accelerate the Energy Transition in Melanesia

Drawing on themes presented at the recent Pacific Forum held at the University of Sydney, Edward Cavanough identifies enduring barriers to energy transitions in the Pacific and sets out how Australia could contribute to possible solutions.