18 June 2021

Imagining Otherwise: Writing the Future

Dany Celermajer and James Bradley muse on the critical role of writers in imagining futures beyond the climate crisis, beyond the human-centric, and beyond the individual.
08 June 2021

Designing A Multispecies Future

How do we decide which species deserve to be valued and included in human spaces? Following the Architecture of Multispecies Cohabitation exhibition, SEI Honours Fellow Sam Norman muses on the turbulent past and future of our relationship with the more-than-human world.
03 June 2021

Experts call for an international non-use agreement on solar geoengineering

A group of 63 senior scholars, including SEI Director Professor David Schlosberg, are calling for an international agreement to restrict the development of risky and poorly understood solar geoengineering technologies.
03 June 2021

How do I care for Country?

“How I care for Country differs from how I care for whenua – for the lands of my birth.” Dr Christine Winter reflects on what it means to love a land that has become home.