03 July 2024

Reflections from the 2024 AAG Conference

The 2024 AAG Conference in Hawai'i explored reciprocal scholarship, colonialism and resources, and recovery and restoration, allowing participants to challenge dominant anthropocentric framings.
02 July 2024

Vignette series highlights community-led disaster responses

Communities across New South Wales have faced catastrophic bushfires and floods, exacerbated by climate change. This ‘new normal' has compounded other crises, including the global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and a housing crisis, overwhelming traditional disaster response systems.
21 June 2024

Meet Zoë Sadokierski

Zoë is an Associate Professor, Visual Communication at the University of Technology Sydney, who uses a research-through-design methodology, bringing her design expertise into academic work.
21 June 2024

Healthcare project tackles carbon emissions amid climate crisis

Researchers at the University of Sydney are launching a project to reduce carbon emissions in healthcare. Led by Professor Danielle Celermajer, Professor David Celermajer, and Dr Fabian Sack, the initiative will measure healthcare emissions, develop tools for sustainable practices, and influence national public health policy.
14 June 2024

Plurality in environmental justice: new insights

Professor David Schlosberg's latest paper in explores the multifaceted meanings of justice in environmental movements worldwide, offering critical insights for environmental justice scholars and activists.
12 June 2024

Urgent action needed for Net Zero economy by 2050

The submission highlights the urgent need for ambitious and robust policy action to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and simultaneously a need to prepare for the continued consequences of the emissions that have already raised global average temperatures.
03 June 2024

SEI’s 2025 collaborative grant applications are now open

Applications have opened for the Sydney Environment Institute’s 2025 Collaborative Grants Scheme, designed to engage researchers across the University to develop new, collaborative, multidisciplinary projects.
24 May 2024

Addressing mental health impacts of flood-related displacement

A collaboration led by Sydney Environment Institute and the University Centre for Rural Health in Lismore is planning to investigate experiences of housing displacement in the Northern Rivers.
23 May 2024

Meet Dr Blanche Verlie

Blanche is a multidisciplinary social scientist whose work focuses on climate change. Her Horizon project explores how policy negligence and gaslighting by political leaders contribute to climate injustice.
29 April 2024

Meet Dr Lee White

Lee is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in Energy Management and Public Policy. As a recent recipient of the University of Sydney Horizon Fellowship, Lee aims to develop innovative measures to address energy poverty and its impacts on health and wellbeing.