Our 2020 content highlights


16 December 2020

Ranger danger: Rio Tinto faces its nuclear test in Kakadu uranium mine

Rebecca Lawrence and Dave Sweeney report on growing concerns over the potential failures of the rehabilitation plan for the Ranger mine in Kakadu National Park.
11 December 2020

What are the implications of NSW’s updated social impact assessment guideline?

PhD candidate Gemma Viney reflects on the recent SEI panel on NSW’s Social Impact Assessment Guideline, highlighting three key takeaways for researchers, practitioners and, most crucially, communities.
02 December 2020

Understanding nature with Dr Dalia Nassar

SEI editor Liberty Lawson sits down with the 2021 Iain McCalman Lecture keynote speaker Dr Dalia Nassar to talk about the philosophy-nature intersection and the naturalists who inspire her work.
19 November 2020

Introducing the Environmental Justice project: RMIT Research team Lauren Rickards and Oli Moraes

SEI researcher Hannah Della Bosca introduces our RMIT partners on the new ARC-funded Environmental Justice research project.
18 November 2020

Developing just outcomes in Australian environmental policies

One of the key challenges of academic work lies in merging the theoretical with the practical, in order to engage the everyday lives of citizens, serve as a source of insight, and have real impact on the crucial issues we face.
13 November 2020

Social impact assessment guidelines: the devil is in the implementation

The NSW Government has recently updated its guidelines for major developments like the Narrabri Gas Project. Ahead of the online panel on the future of social impact assessment next week, Rebecca Lawrence, Gemma Viney and Susan Park discuss what this could mean for those most impacted.
10 November 2020

Interweaving Voices: recording through Ayipa songs

In the first part of our Interweaving Voices series, musicologist Genevieve Campbell reflects on a trip to Canberra to unearth archival recordings of Ayipa songs from the Tiwi Islands – which are themselves ever-evolving recordings of history, culture, celebration and loss.
09 November 2020

Indigenous justice in times of climate crisis

The 2019/2020 fires that tore down Australia’s east coast took with them sites of incalculable importance to Indigenous communities. Here, Christine Winter and Jakelin Troy ask when the government, and the public, will choose to recognise the significance of this loss.
05 November 2020

Toward an encrusting ocean

Ahead of his presentation, An Encrusting Ocean: Fouling and Other Forms of Life for the inaugural Postdoctoral Fellowship Lecture, Killian Quigley explains his interest in examining the processes that take place “where invertebrate organisms and sunken surfaces meet”.
30 October 2020

Governance and green transformation: understanding the role of law with Kate Owens

The Institute’s Gemma Viney sits down with SEI Researcher, and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney Law School, Dr Katherine Owens to talk about the role of governance frameworks in connecting public and private sector actors to address climate change and enable ecologically sustainable transformation.