30 July 2020

The Urban Field Naturalist Project: an invitation

A new initiative co-led by researchers including SEI’s Thom van Dooren and Dieter Hochuli aims to kindle a sense of awe and wonder by learning to appreciate the natural world through story rather than data alone.
24 July 2020

Multispecies justice: challenging the Institutions of political theory

Understanding justice through the multispecies lens does not simply mean expanding our circle of care, says Danielle Celermajer, it means rethinking justice itself. So what does this mean for political theory, and beyond?
22 July 2020

Plastic over people: coronavirus war profiteering

The plastics industry is notorious for manipulating consumer behaviour by tapping into our most fundamental desires and fears, writes India Gill, and with the industry’s future in jeopardy, the opportunity to re-brand single-use plastic bags as a safer option for public health than reusables is a marketing dream come true.
12 July 2020

Corona and climate: mental health in an age of uncertainty

Jo Longman and Maddy Braddon find stark parallels between their work on the mental health and wellbeing impacts of climate change and the current pandemic gripping so many lives.
09 July 2020

Nature in culture: learning to value empirical but intangible truths

Reflecting on Niuean scholar Dr Jess Pasisi’s work in Episode 4 of Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture Multimedia Series, Genevieve Campbell questions the colonial positivist worldview and its reliance on tangible evidence, as opposed to more fluid conceptions of time, action and practice as ontologies.