20 April 2020

Corona and climate: virus time

As lockdowns and a desperately uncertain future keep us oscillating between the poles of urgency and stasis, Killian Quigley considers how crisis impels our relationship to language and temporality to evolve.
08 April 2020

Coming together to address (another) global crisis

Director David Schlosberg on the importance of the Institute’s work and the fight for justice in a time of unprecedented intersecting crises.
06 April 2020

Grieving with plants, dancing in the leaves

Working with plants for the entirety of her career, Rosanne Quinnell from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences reflects on the power of the plant world to soothe, connect and regenerate the human spirit in troubled times, despite our modern culture’s botanical blindness.
01 April 2020

Confronting crises: corona and climate series

We’re curating a new series of opinion pieces from the Institute’s community that explores the intersections between ecological and epidemiological crises and the fight for a different future.
01 April 2020

Swinging the pendulum towards the politics of production

A longform essay adapted from Dinesh Wadiwel's presentation at the 2020 Iain McCalman lecture addressing the institutional or structural drivers of growing per capita meat and dairy consumption.