24 August 2020

Emergent practice for urgent times

Zsuzsanna Ihar and Hayley Singer reflect on the recent Multispecies Justice workshop series, Interdisciplinarity in a More-Than-Human World.
24 August 2020

Post-pandemic development: lessons from Indigenous philosophies

A social philosophy emerging from the Quechua peoples of the Andes, the Buen Vivir movement imagines and practices an alternative, community-oriented future, unshackled from the myths of capitalism that are driving the planet to disaster.
17 August 2020

Darwin’s ‘Smart City’ project: the intersection of BLM, big data tech and climate change

Darwin’s expansive new digital sensors will aggregate climate data in a boon for environmental science and sustainable planning, but will the inclusion of extensive CCTV, mobile phone tracking and AI for public surveillance deepen socioeconomic and racial injustices?
14 August 2020

Salt in the wound: social impacts, public health and the Narrabri gas project

The proposed Narrabri Gas Project flouts dire climate predictions and as Dr. Alison Ziller argues, the negative, but lesser publicised, social harms for the region just add insult to injury.
06 August 2020

What’s at stake in approving the Narrabri gas project?

Following on from an expert report submitted to the IPC last month, SEI researchers explore the social, economic and environmental risks posed by the Santos Narrabri Gas Project.