24 June 2020

Nature in culture: flowing from Kunama Namadgi, the mother of snow

Frozen or flowing, connection to the waters of the Snowy Mountains is inextricable from Ngarigu identity, says Jakelin Troy in response to Virginia Marshall’s notion of ‘Aqua Nullius’ in Episode 3 of the Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture Multimedia Series.
22 June 2020

Multispecies justice series: Amphibious justice

Herpetological worldings point to the importance of imagining justice as metamorphic, says Sophie Chao, requiring a nomadic ethics that can move across and through elements and ecosystems.
19 June 2020

COVID-19 and renewable energy: Australia’s golden opportunity

“With the right policy and green funding settings, we can finally live up to our ambitions as a renewable energy superpower and overthrow our reliance on non-renewable energy,” says Dr Madeline Taylor.
16 June 2020

Strategic ignorance: Rio Tinto’s destruction of sacred Juukan caves

How can we excuse mining giant Rio Tinto’s unconscionable destruction of a 46,000 year old Pilbara Aboriginal Heritage site on the grounds of “not knowing”, asks Rebecca Lawrence, when the communication process with Traditional Owners is designed to fail?
15 June 2020

Corona and climate: one planet, one health

Recognising the complex interconnections between environmental, human and non-human health, Irus Braverman explores One Health, an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to understanding and conserving health across disciplines, species and scales.
10 June 2020

We’re in this together: working towards a new food culture

FoodLab Sydney doctoral student Eva Perroni finds businesses, individuals and community organisations rising to meet compounding environmental, public health and economic challenges through potent acts of social solidarity.
10 June 2020

Nature in culture: aboriginal aquacultural science and sustainability

Exploring oyster farming, dugong hunting and Indigenous sustainability, June Rubis reflects on Mitchell Gibbs’ conversation with Dr Christine Winter in Episode 2 of The Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture Multimedia Series.
09 June 2020

Corona and climate: bushfire smoke exposure, COVID-19 and respiratory health

SEI editor Liberty Lawson speaks with epidemiologist Dr Geoff Morgan about his research on the impacts of smoke exposure from the summer bushfire crisis, and the disproportionate health effects of air pollution and respiratory viruses on already vulnerable populations.
02 June 2020

Hope, grief, anger and change: imagining futures with James Bradley

SEI editor Liberty Lawson sits down with the Institute’s new Honorary Affiliate, Australian author and critic James Bradley, to talk about the role of fiction and non-fiction in imagining and communicating change.