23 January 2020

Fire, storm, flood, blackout: Australia’s electricity sector needs better disaster response

In the wake of unprecedented climate-induced disaster, Australia’s electricity sector urgently needs to learn from Con Edison’s response to Hurricane Sandy on how to plan for and respond to the aftermath.
16 January 2020

Learning to live in a shifted world

Earlier this week SEI researcher Danielle Celermajer published a heartbreaking essay about returning to her property in the wake of the fires with only one of her two beloved rescue pigs. Here, Dany shares an update on Jimmy, coming back to a place that no longer feels like home.
14 January 2020

Greenhouse gaslighting: Scott Morrison’s emotional manipulation from climate apathy to fake empathy

The Prime Minister’s stalwart coal fetish has driven us into the arms of disaster, and his new stance, a flailing façade of empathy, seems to be backfiring. But it’s not that Morrison is unemotional, writes Blanche Verlie. These are deliberate acts of emotional manipulation — but we can fight back by asserting that our distress about climate change is legitimate.
08 January 2020

A World of Ashes

Fires incarnate in vivid ways the double meaning of the Anthropocene – an era of unprecedented human control and of its dramatic demise. Sophie Chao reflects on the indiscriminate destruction of life that combustion depends upon.