27 March 2020

Cooling bodies, cooling communities: building holistic resilience to heat stress

“Heat is such a difficult threat to grapple with because it engages with and exacerbates multiple forms of pre-existing vulnerability in Australian society – the physical, the systemic, and the material.” Hannah Della Bosca reflects on our SEI Amplified event Reducing The Impact of Heatwaves earlier this month.
23 March 2020

Food as a tool for change in troubled times

We sit down with the FoodLab Sydney community to talk about connection, collaboration and how “the simple act of eating together at the same table can be one of the most profound ways to establish common ground while celebrating cultural and culinary diversity”.
20 March 2020

Re-inventing the social: eco-design, care and climate justice

At our SEI Amplified event last week on Reducing the Impact of Heatwaves, Associate Professor Tess Lea explored the intersections between climate change, housing and social justice and the ways we can prepare for uncertain futures; ultimately, with “tremendous acts of care” and “a complete reinvention of the social”.
18 March 2020

Climate change and the new work order

"We cannot achieve a sustainable society, one that exists within safe planetary limits, without reconfiguring the way we organise and value work."
02 March 2020

Introducing new postdoctoral research fellow June Rubis

We sit down with our new postdoc June Rubis, to talk about her work on native relations and the environment with a focus on environmental change in Malaysian Borneo.