30 October 2020

Governance and green transformation: understanding the role of law with Kate Owens

The Institute’s Gemma Viney sits down with SEI Researcher, and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney Law School, Dr Katherine Owens to talk about the role of governance frameworks in connecting public and private sector actors to address climate change and enable ecologically sustainable transformation.
27 October 2020

Community energy in a rapid transition to renewables

Jan Kucic-Riker considers whether a community-led transition to renewable energy is possible in Australia to better support environmental and social justice, and to ultimately reclaim public control over the sector.
26 October 2020

Storytelling through culinary experience

FoodLab Sydney’s Eva Perroni explores the idea of storytelling as something absolutely central to our food practices, bringing us together and giving meaning to our lives through shared culinary experiences.
20 October 2020

Rethinking justice with Danielle Celermajer and David Schlosberg

Marc Hudson, social media editor for the journal Environmental Politics (Twitter: @Env_Pol), speaks with Danielle Celermajer and David Schlosberg following the publication of a co-authored paper on multispecies justice, which will appear in the 30th-anniversary special issue of Environmental Politics.