Our 2021 content archive


18 August 2021

Introducing the extraction series: discussing the future of Australia’s energy sector

As part of the Unsettling Resources research project, in this new series, SEI researchers focus on the crunch points of transforming the Australian energy sector.
12 August 2021

New Book Tackles Climate Anxiety, Transformation and Possible Futures

SEI Postdoctoral Fellow Blanche Verlie’s new book Learning the Live with Climate Change considers the pressing issue of climate anxiety and its possible implications. This International Youth Day, in recognition of the heavy emotional burden of climate change on young people, we are publishing a short excerpt from Blanche’s book.
10 August 2021

Accounting for Climate Change: Translating Climate Data into Financial Risk

SEI Researcher Tanya Fiedler’s pioneering research on climate risk is helping businesses to play their part on climate change.
22 July 2021

COVID-19 as Catalyst? Contradictions and Opportunities

SEI Doctoral Fellow Anna Sturman draws upon themes from her thesis to ask: what might we learn from the present COVID-19 crisis that can help us to respond to the unfolding climate crisis?
14 July 2021

Renewable Energy And Opportunities For Indigenous Empowerment

Reflecting on her experiences working alongside community leaders in the Torres Strait, Honours Fellow Phoebe Evans underscores the value of traditional knowledge and lived Indigenous experience in addressing climate change through renewable energy transitions.
07 July 2021

Interweaving Voices: Ampiji the Rainbow Serpent

In the third part of the Interweaving Voices series, musicologist Genevieve Campbell shares a conversation with Calista Kantilla, Tiwi Elder and songwoman, about the generational transmission of medical and environmental knowledge through songs.
05 July 2021

Sydney initiatives inspiring groups to work together to heal Country

In NAIDOC Week, Professor of Practice in Environmental Wellbeing Melissa Haswell and SEI Director David Schlosberg reflect on the strategic collaborations happening across the University that are demonstrating the possibilities for healing Country.
18 June 2021

Imagining Otherwise: Writing the Future

Dany Celermajer and James Bradley muse on the critical role of writers in imagining futures beyond the climate crisis, beyond the human-centric, and beyond the individual.
08 June 2021

Designing A Multispecies Future

How do we decide which species deserve to be valued and included in human spaces? Following the Architecture of Multispecies Cohabitation exhibition, SEI Honours Fellow Sam Norman muses on the turbulent past and future of our relationship with the more-than-human world.
03 June 2021

Experts call for an international non-use agreement on solar geoengineering

A group of 63 senior scholars, including SEI Director Professor David Schlosberg, are calling for an international agreement to restrict the development of risky and poorly understood solar geoengineering technologies.