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SSEAC Webinar Series - Environment

Join us each Thursday for a special webinar series

From engineers to lawyers, sociologists to epidemiologists, SSEAC is home to more than 400 researchers specialising in issues related to Southeast Asia. This year, we're proud to showcase the breadth of our research with a special webinar series focused on our key research themes.


Transforming disaster risk reduction at the nexus of knowledge

Thursday 13 May, 5pm AEST / 9am CEST

Join Dr Aaron Opdyke for this important talk exploring the determinants of the growing disparity between local and scientific knowledge. This talk will highlight how intersecting knowledge is advancing our understanding of disaster risk.

The geological evolution of Southeast Asia and the region's tectonic influence

Thursday 27 May, 5pm AEST / 9am CEST

Join Dr Sabin Zahirovic as he explains the relevance of geology in understanding and addressing many of the complex challenges of the 21st century facing Southeast Asia and the broader global community.

Asian honey bees and the genetic paradox of invasive species

Thursday 20 May, 5pm AEST / 9am CEST

Join Dr Ros Gloag to explore how invasive Asian honey bee populations in Australia have revealed surprising insights into how biological invaders thrive and adapt in new environments. These insights can also help us conserve and protect these important bees in their native Asia.

A decolonial Indigenous approach to orang utan conservation

Thursday 3 June, 5pm AEST / 9am CEST

Join Dr June Rubis to discuss how complex human - orang utan relations persist in spite of neocolonial conservation enclosures, which seek to securitize orang utans as ‘biodiversity’ and control humans as a threat thereto.

About the speakers

Dr Aaron Opdyke's is a Lecturer in Humanitarian Engineering
School of Civil Engineering. His research seeks to improve international humanitarian response, exploring how we can better assist developing communities recover in the aftermath of disaster and conflict, focusing on safe and equitable shelter.

Dr Rosalyn Gloag is a Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. Her research is broadly interested in the evolution and behavioural ecology of animals.

Dr Sabin Zahirovic is a Robinson Fellow, and DECRA Fellow 2021-2024, in the School of Geosciences. Sabin’s research has focussed on the plate-mantle system, especially in the Tethyan tectonic domain, including the India-Eurasia collision, Southeast Asian tectonics, the NW Australian Shelf and New Guinea.   


Dr June Rubis is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Geosciences. She began her career as a conservation biologist and has twelve years in hands-on wildlife conservation fieldwork in both Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo.