SSEAC Webinar Series - Health

Join us each Thursday for a special webinar series

From engineers to lawyers, sociologists to epidemiologists, SSEAC is home to more than 400 researchers specialising in issues related to Southeast Asia. This year, we're proud to showcase the breadth of our research with a special webinar series focused on our key research themes.

Of rice and men: How food production is driving antimicrobial resistance amongst fungi in Vietnam

Join Dr Justin Beardsley to explore the problem of resistant fungal infections in Vietnam, how agricultural practices are contributing, and what can be done to manage the risks.

Training animal disease detectives in the Asia-Pacific

Join Associate Professor Navneet Dhand for a discussion of his work aiming to prevent and contain the spread of zoonotic and animal diseases in the Asia-Pacific, which have the potential to cause tremendous social and economic harm on a national, regional or even global scale.

Viral stigma and mass media: Community experiences of COVID-19 prevention and infection in Vietnam

Join Dr Shannon McKinn for an insight into how Vietnam's public health campaigns around COVID-19 prevention have influenced the spread of the pandemic, not always in the most straightforward ways.

About the speakers

Dr Justin Beardsley is a Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases at the Marie Bashir Institute at Westmead Clinical School. Dr Beardsley is a New Zealand trained infectious disease specialist, a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and clinical researcher. He has conducted a range of research projects into fungal infections and treatment in Vietnam, South East Asia and Africa.

Associate Professor Navneet Dhand is Director in Veterinary Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Asia Pacific Consortium of Veterinary Epidemiology (APCOVE). His research aims to use epidemiological and statistical tools to improve public health and to solve intricate problems confronting animal industries.

Shannon McKinn is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and an experienced qualitative researcher, in the Sydney School of Public Health. Her PhD research focused on community health literacy and communication in the maternal health setting in Dien Bien Province, Vietnam.