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Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies

Greek language, tradition and history in all its complexity
Exploring a wide variety of Greek expression, historical consciousness and artistic endeavour.

Our work focuses on one of the oldest and most vibrant societies of Europe. At the crossroads of cultures and peoples, modern Greece offers inspiring insights into how civilisations coexist and prosper through their historical interaction and mutual influence. 

Starting with epic poet Homer and his continuing impact on contemporary Greece, we offer a coherent sequence on Byzantium, early modern Greece, the Greek state, its social institutions, culture, literature, cinema and the arts and language. 

We provide beginner, intermediate and advanced modern Greek language learning opportunities and you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how modern Greek is used in politics, journalism, media, commerce and beyond.

Our study offerings

Select from a range of language and culture units, undertake an intensive in-country experience and prepare for employment in education, translation and interpreting, media, government and the private sector.


*Available in the shared pool of majors and minors


Our research

From late antiquity to Byzantium and modern Greece our discipline encourages an innovative reconsideration of the Greek tradition. We focus on the polytropic character of Greek culture, the confusing history, the obscure religion, the cheerful folk tradition, the euphoric music, the enchanting literature, the magnificent art, the prolific cinema, the ambiguous Diasporic identity and many other areas of research.

Our current research includes: 

  • history of Greece since 1453
  • history of the Greek nation state
  • the work of C P Cavafy
  • the work of Nikos Kazantzakis
  • translating St Paul
  • the stories of Greek proxy brides in Australia
  • post-war Greek poetry and culture
  • history of Greek Cinema
  • Greek modernism
  • European images of Greece
  • the cinema of Theo Angelopoulos
  • The Poetry of Nikos Karouzos


Our advanced exchange programs provide life-changing experiences in Greece and its surrounding islands, where eligible students exercise their language skills and develop an understanding of cultural intricacies.

  • Athens University
  • University of Cyprus 

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Our people


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Chair (Acting)

Associate Professor Anthony Dracopoulos
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