BCR PhD Research Scholarship

A unique opportunity is available for an outstanding PhD scholar to conduct research into computational neuroscience
In partnership with the University of Sydney, the BCR Scholarship will focus on developing quantitative biomarkers for monitoring disease progression through advanced neuroimaging research and AI innovations.

The scholarship, which is funded by the Bacera Co Pty Ltd, was conceived by Mr Allen Chen (Bacera CEO) in collaboration with Dr Chenyu Wang, Senior Lecturer in the Brain and Mind Centre's Computational Neuroscience Team, and the University's Nerve Research Foundation. 

Recent advances in MRI technology and AI innovations have provided unprecedented opportunities in basic and clinical neuroscience research. The BCR PhD Scholarship will support a full-time PhD student to undertake a 3 year project, commencing in late 2019, focussed on the elucidation and development of imaging biomarkers and fundamental neurodegenerative mechanisms.  This work will herald a new era of precision medicine in the monitoring and management of diseases of the central nervous system. 

This recipient of the scholarship will be embedded in the Computational Neuroscience Team at the BMC, providing the PhD scholar with unparalleled access to mentorship from a stellar group of clinicians, computer scientists, multimodal imaging experts, and artificial intelligence experts from across the University’s campuses.

The applicant must have an unconditional offer of admission or be currently enrolled in a PhD at the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney. Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in computer science, medical physics or related field and must demonstrate knowledge, skills and experience in medical imaging.

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