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Develop a deep understanding of how banks function
Banks play a critical role in our globalised economy, providing financial services to business and individuals, and facilitating sustainable economic growth.

A qualification in banking from the University of Sydney Business School includes a detailed examination of the workings of banks (and related deposit-taking financial intermediaries) in the context of the banking system in particular, and the financial system generally.

You will learn how to analyse the activities, roles, and regulation of commercial and investment banks. As technological and financial innovation rapidly evolves, graduates with specialised knowledge in this area are highly sought after in the banking industry.

Banking course options

You can choose to undertake a major or specialisation in banking.

Why study banking with us?

Where can a career in banking take you?

The Australian Banking sector represents a significant industry in Australia, and the big four banks are ranked among the largest in the world.

Our banking units are tailored to provide students with knowledge that will be of use to them in career paths in both the retail and corporate banking sectors as well as the prudential regulatory authorities.

There are many employment opportunities for graduates, including highly rewarding careers in:

  • central banking
  • commercial and investment banking
  • consulting
  • financial industry regulation
  • financial services
  • risk management

Alexander Zeyu Shu

Alexander Zeyu Shu
Bachelor of Commerce (Banking)
“Studying banking helped me to gain strong data management and financial analysis skills. I’ve had the chance to dive into the banking world and enrich my view of financial operations, which has also really complimented my marketing major. I feel empowered with a competitive and comprehensive skill set for my future career.”
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