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Study strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship

Become a strategic innovator who can transform ideas into impact

Gain the knowledge and tools that strategic innovators use to make a positive social impact and address the wicked business challenges posed by a turbulent global environment.

Facing an unprecedented pace of change, increasing pressures from globalisation, disruption threats to core businesses, and varying demands from diverse stakeholders for greater efficiency and sustainability, managers need to have a focused approach to innovation.

By studying strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship with us, you will develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset along with the practical skills required to disrupt with purpose.

Strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship course options

Strategy, Innovation and Management is available as a specialisation in:

Strategy, Innovation and Management units of study are available in:

Undertake intensive research through one of our higher degree programs:

Where can strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship take you?

Employers increasingly seek to recruit students with a much broader skill set than technical knowledge in one domain. This is true for the Big 4 consultancies, as well as for technological, service, and financial organisations, which are continuously diversifying their intakes of new recruits and hire strategic thinkers and innovators from across the globe.

Studies in strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship address the increasing demand by equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to becomes effective strategists and innovators in 21st century organisations.

Our graduates can find themselves in a wide variety of industries and will work well in start-ups as well as established businesses. They work effectively with others and in teams, show leadership and innovativeness, a global perspective, and a thirst for problem solving in the public, private and community sectors, in Australia and abroad.


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