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Study transport, logistics and supply chain

Delve into a fast-growing global sector
Develop specialist skills in logistics and supply chain management or enhance your critical understanding about the engineering, urban planning, and business management of transport.

Our postgraduate transport, logistics and supply chain programs focus on management and operations. You'll gain specialist skills in applying the concepts, techniques and principles that lie at the heart of logistics, supply chain management and transport planning and management.

You will study the relationships of business processes within and between organisations, learn how to use systems approaches to solve business problems, and develop the skills to manage the effects of current and future trends in supply chain management on business processes.

Transport, logistics and supply chain course options

Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Master of Commerce

Global Logistics is also available as a specialisation in:

Master of Transport

We also offer the Master of Transport, an interdisciplinary degree taught through the Faculty of Engineering.

Where can studies in transport, logistics and supply chain take you?

Our graduates are in high demand across many industries, including transport, shipping, airlines, courier and transport, freight, manufacturing, import/export, and retail warehousing and distribution.

Career opportunities within this dynamic field include:

  • category manager
  • demand planner
  • logistics analyst
  • logistics planner
  • procurement analyst
  • supply chain analyst
  • supply chain planner
  • transport engineer
  • global fleet manager
  • transport scheduler
  • urban or regional planner

Kerry Zhuang

Kerry Zhuang
Master of Commerce (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
“My course has given me a solid grounding in supply chain management theory, strategy and practice, backed with technical skills. I graduated industry-ready and secured a permanent job before I completed my studies.”
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