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Study business information systems

Harness technology to help achieve business goals
Business information systems are a key enabler of innovation and operational efficiency, ensuring the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

In an information age, workers who understand business and technology issues are vital to shaping organisational strategy and planning across a wide range of industries.

Our business information systems programs will teach you how to assist organisations to understand how information can deliver a sustainable, competitive advantage – and implement the necessary systems and changes required to realise that promise.

You will learn how to improve processes and develop innovative and practical solutions to business problems by gaining expertise in the strategic use of business information and data.

Why study business information systems with us? 

How can I study business information systems?

Course options

You can choose how much business information systems you study in your degree by either selecting one of these degrees, or choosing a major or minor in business information systems in another course.

Undertake advanced coursework and complete a research thesis by completing honours. 

Visit our honours page for more information.

Digital Business is available as a specialisation in:

Where can studies in business information systems take you?

An understanding of business information systems is critically important to the work of all business professionals.

Employers are looking for people who understand both business and technology issues and have the skills and knowledge to contribute to shaping their organisation.

Graduates can expect career opportunities such as:

  • business analyst
  • consultant
  • IT auditor
  • project manager
  • systems analyst.

Minh Tri Nguyen

Minh Tri Nguyen, Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems major)
Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems major)
“I’ve had a lot of freedom to try out various electives and majors. The soft skills and technical knowledge I’ve developed have been really useful during my industry placement at Macquarie Group. It’s been so rewarding to apply the skills I gained in the classroom to the real world.”
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