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Study business analytics

Master the tools of quantitative analysis
Use data to discover new insights, and gain a deeper understanding of business performance to drive future planning.

In today's business environment, there are often great amounts of data available, but few people with the skills to realise its profit potential. Our business analytics programs provide opportunities to apply sophisticated analytical approaches in many different functional areas, such as in accounting, marketing, finance and operations.

You will learn to scientifically analyse real data to deliver meaningful business models that enhance operations and inform business decisions. With a vast amount of data available in today’s business environment, people skilled to realise its potential are in high demand around the world.

Choose to master business analytics in a postgraduate degree or as a major in a bachelor degree. Explore your study options below.

Business analytics course options

Where can studies in business analytics take you?

With a global shortage of quantitative analysts, a qualification in business analytics will give you a head start over other graduates.

There are many employment opportunities for graduates, including highly rewarding careers in:

  • business intelligence
  • consulting
  • customer analytics
  • data analyst
  • data mining
  • data scientist
  • logistics and supply chain management
  • market research
  • online analytics

Cindy Ngo

Cindy Ngo, Bachelor of Commerce (Business Analytics major)
Bachelor of Commerce (Business Analytics)
“With an influx of data and rapid technological advancement, I saw the field of business analytics as an exciting area in which to specialise. Coursework in the business analytics major often presents us with real business problems and involves using datasets from actual businesses to solve issues.”
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