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About this specialisation

Biomedical and health informatics is a major related to the areas of information systems, computer science and health care. It is primarily concerned with enhancing health care delivery and patient outcomes through the effective use of and exchange of information. This major helps you to analyse and develop solutions from the biomedical as well as health informatics perspectives. A postgraduate major in biomedical and health informatics will include areas of study such as bioinformatics, information technology in biomedicine, enterprise health care information systems, epidemiology methods and eHealth for health professionals.

Graduate opportunities

Graduates in biomedical and health informatics can work in a variety of roles including clinical data manager, clinical information manager, consultant, healthcare webmaster, information security manager, medical director for informatics, pharmacy systems analyst, and software engineer. There are career opportunities in hospitals, other healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical software companies, consulting companies, public health organisations, insurance companies.
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