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Sculpture enables you to explore a broad range of approaches to three-dimensional space within contemporary visual arts. The language of Sculpture includes ceramics, glass and jewellery, and an array of material and studio based processes. The flexible structure of the program encourages experimentation with temporal and spatial approaches, including but not limited to installation, performance, video and sound. Sculpture at SCA prepares you to be a self-motivated, technically skilled, and critically informed artist proficient in both traditional and future innovative practices.

Graduate opportunities

Master of Contemporary Art graduates have conceptual and technical skills to consolidate and extend their contemporary art practice, which they have developed through appropriate studio-based methodologies and history and theory seminars. They have a mastery of knowledge in art practice focussed on the practical, theoretical and material context of contemporary art. They are creative and self-motivated. They have produced a substantial and original art project that reflects their creative expertise and knowledge of contemporary art.
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