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Independent Learning Activity - GDMP2025

Year - 2020

In the first two stages, students are required to extend the range and depth of their learning by enrolling in an Independent Learning Activity. Independent Learning Activities are varied and may include small projects of various types including research, skills-based programs for small groups (e.g. dissection); education-related projects (e.g. developing computer-based materials or undertaking an evaluative study); clinical placements, with associated reading evidenced by an essay of an appropriate standard, or participation in courses across the university, for example in ethics, with the prior approval of the ILA Chair. Independent Learning Activities may be proposed by students (student-initiated), or by academic staff (Faculty approved). A list of possible (Faculty-approved) Independent Learning Activities is provided. Student-initiated Independent Learning Activity projects require approval by the ILA Chair in association with the ILA Committee.

A brief introduction is provided to Stage 1 students outlining the requirements and the timeline involved. Thereafter teaching and learning activity depends on the project chosen. The project must be work of at least 40 hours. Throughout the period regular student communications will provide reminders regarding the content and timely submission of learning proposals and final reports.

Independent Learning Activities will be assessed as specified in the Independent Learning Activity Proposal. This will usually be by means of an essay of at least 2000 words of an appropriately high standard, appropriately referenced. Other forms of assessable tasks may be considered, but require the prior approval of the Chair, ILA. All essays must be also submitted to TurnItIn. Successful completion will be confirmed by the academic supervisor's sign-off acknowledging that all of the following have occurred: (a) submission and approval of the Learning Proposal, (b) appropriate engagement with learning and teaching resources, research work, clinical placement or other activities as outlined in the Learning Proposal, (c) submission of the written work to TurnItIn as a formative exercise regarding academic honesty, (d) submission of final assessable task, (e) Assessable task judged satisfactory by academic supervisor, (f) Sign off by academic supervisor.


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GDMP2021 and GDMP2022 and GDMP2023 and GDMP2024


Faculty: Medicine and Health

Semester 2

24 Aug 2020

Department/School: Anatomy and Histology
Study Mode: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Census Date: 28 Sep 2020
Unit of study level: Intermediate
Credit points: 2.0
EFTSL: 0.042
Available for study abroad and exchange: No
Faculty/department permission required? No
More details
Unit of Study coordinator: Associate Professor Lilon Bandler
HECS Band: 3
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