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Human Anatomy and Histology - MEDS2005

Year - 2020

Where exactly is your gall bladder? How do six meters of intestines fit into your body? Are you aware that you have a pineal gland? MEDS2005 is for students who are studying Human Anatomy and Histology in the Medical Sciences stream. Through face-to-face lectures and engaging laboratory practical classes that involve the use of human cadavers and histological slides of human tissues, you will gain fundamental knowledge of the Anatomy and the Histology of the human body including the nervous, endocrine, musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, digestive and male and female reproductive systems. Lectures and laboratory practical classes are forums for discussion and debate regarding the structure and function of the human body. Learning will be augmented with online quizzes, self-directed learning opportunities and face-to-face tutorial sessions with additional information offered online to introduce you to a ¿Disease of the Week¿ and to `Broaden your Horizons¿ in relation to the various body systems studied. MEDS2005 starts by teaching the language of Anatomy and Histology and systematically addresses the Anatomy and Histology specific to each body system to prepare you with knowledge and practical skills for many applied anatomical and histological settings. In the hands-on laboratory practical classes, you will work in teams, engaging with the content, building your interpersonal skills, and fostering a professional attitude towards learning and scientific endeavour. You will consider the processes of body donation and the ethical, legal and moral frameworks around which people donate their remains for anatomical learning, teaching and research. This Unit of Study teaches the Anatomical and Histological knowledge that is assumed for entry into the Graduate Medical Program at the University of Sydney and that serves as suitable preparation for Graduate Programs in Dentistry, Nursing, Physical therapies, Forensic sciences and other applied para-clinical and clinical fields. Successful completion of this Unit will equip you with a solid foundation in Human Anatomy and Histology to support Post-Graduate careers in the fields of Biomedical Research, Innovation and Development.

2 x 1hr Lectures/wk, 2x 2hr Practicals/wk.

In Semester Online Post-lecture Quizzes (10%), In Semester Practical Workbook Submissions (10%), In Semester Integrated Assessment Task (10%), End of Semester Anatomy and Histology Practical Exam (25%), End of Semester Anatomy and Histology Theory Exam (45%).

Assumed knowledge


6 cp from (BIOL1003 or BIOL1903 or BIOL1993 or BIOL1008 or BIOL1908 or BIOL1998 or MEDS1001 or MEDS1901)


ANAT2011 or BMED2402 or BMED2406 or BMED2801 or BMED2802 or BMED2803 or BMED2804 or BMED2805 or BMED2806


Faculty: Medicine and Health

Semester 2

24 Aug 2020

Department/School: Anatomy and Histology
Study Mode: Block mode
Census Date: 28 Sep 2020
Unit of study level: Intermediate
Credit points: 6.0
EFTSL: 0.125
Available for study abroad and exchange: No
Faculty/department permission required? No
More details
Unit of Study coordinator: Dr Michelle Gerke-Duncan
HECS Band: 3
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