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23 September 2021

COVID, lockdowns, tax time: scammers pose triple threat

The pandemic, ongoing lockdowns and tax return time are leading to a perfect scam storm, says Dr Suranga Seneviratne from the School of Computer Science.
21 September 2021

What does the US-EU methane pact mean for Australia?

Professor Jun Huang and Dr Shenlong Zhao from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering comment on the joint US-EU methane reduction pact and what it could mean for Australia.
17 September 2021

Brighten your day with these 10 positive stories

Hanging out for some good news? Here are 10 positive news stories you might have missed that could brighten your outlook this weekend.
16 September 2021

$430,000 worth of new engineering scholarships open for 2022

The Faculty of Engineering have announced a collective pool of scholarships worth $430,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.
08 September 2021

Meet the students pursuing their passions through a PhD

From bionics to machine learning, these engineering PhD candidates have taken their passions to the labs, and their research stands to have long lasting impact. 

06 September 2021

5 reasons to study computer science at Sydney

Future-proof your career with a degree in computer science that can take you anywhere from software developer to entrepreneur.
03 September 2021

Hydrogen embrittlement in steel and a cure in atom probe tomography

Add carbon to iron, you get steel. Add hydrogen to steel, you get a potential catastrophe. The condition is hydrogen embrittlement and it has so far resisted all attempts at an answer. Professor Julie Cairney is looking closely at the problem.

26 August 2021

Pandemic peak in sight - but we must brace for an infection surge

National modelling led by Centre for Complex Systems researchers shows that a pandemic peak is in sight, but we must brace for a surge of infections upon reopening when 80 percent of the adult population is vaccinated and restrictions are lifted.
25 August 2021

Engineering students conquering the start-up world

Engineering alumni are combining their innovative ideas with the experience gained during their degree to create successful start-ups.

18 August 2021

Start-up raises $784,000 for baby resuscitation system

System aims to improve outcomes for the approximately ten million babies that experience breathing difficulties at birth each year.