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09 June 2021

How Australians' commutes compare with cities overseas

Transport engineers, Professor David Levinson and Dr Hao Wu, compared the commutes of Australians against those living in Europe, China and the United States. This is what they found.
04 June 2021

Passing the acid test: low-pH system turns CO₂ into products

Carbon capture and storage can help limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050. Yet captured carbon currently has little economic value. A new technology, which converts much more carbon to useful materials than previously possible, may help change this.
28 May 2021

Four leadership skills for future-ready project delivery

In a rapidly changing business landscape, leading major projects to success requires a new set of project management and leadership skills.

25 May 2021

Two academics named 2021 Academy of Science Fellows

Two Sydney academics from the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Medicine and Health have been named as 2021 Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.
25 May 2021

CUAVA training centre wins NSW funding for space industry pilot

Led by Professor Iver Cairns from Physics, CUAVA wins state government funding for NSW space qualification program, with project named 'Waratah Seed'.
21 May 2021

University launches ARC DARE Centre

Bringing together industry and government, as well as data scientists, geoscientists, hydrologists, and ecologists from across Australia, DARE is the first cohort-based data science PhD training program in Australia.
18 May 2021

Proposed SpaceX base threatens lands and livelihoods in Papua

Elon Musk's proposed SpaceX base in Biak, Papua could have a negative impact on local livelihoods and the environment, argues Southeast Asia expert, Dr Sophie Chao.
14 May 2021

Organic, printable device could restore sight to the blind

A Sydney engineer is developing a low-cost, 3-D printed electrical device that uses absorbed light to fire the neurons that transmit signals from the eyes to the brain, acting as an artificial retina for those who have lost this capacity.
29 April 2021

University launches Digital Sciences Initiative

The Initiative will focus on four key research missions: digital health imaging, digital agriculture, data-centric engineering and defence.
27 April 2021

Sydney students simulate flight of NASA’s Ingenuity

As part of a group assignment, students from the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering simulated the flight of NASA's Mars Helicopter before it took its successful maiden voyage.