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Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Advanced Studies

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, students will be able to:

Course learning outcome
1 Formulate and apply models of the behaviour of firms and consumers to real world problems.
2 Describe and critically interpret the relationship between economic variables using appropriate frameworks.
3 Translate complex economic data and concepts in a manner that is accessible to a diverse audience.
4 Evaluate economic policies acknowledging their implications across social, cultural and institutional boundaries.
5 Work both independently and collaboratively to incorporate economic analysis and argument into a broader analysis of public policy.
6 Demonstrate an ability to source and analyse economic data using appropriate econometric techniques.
7 Identify insights into economic problems by integrating existing or emerging knowledge and data.
8 Critically evaluate a problem using an economic framework that accurately reflects its assumptions and their implications.
9 Synthesise advanced theory and knowledge in more than one discipline or area of practice.
10 Apply advanced cognitive, technical and communication skills to select and apply methods and technologies.
11 Critically analyse information.
12 Generate and formulate solutions to address complex problems.
13 Communicate knowledge, skills and ideas to others in a range of cultural and disciplinary contexts.
14 Apply knowledge and skills creatively to demonstrate autonomy, judgement, adaptability and ethical responsibility as a practitioner or learner.