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Bachelor of Economics (Honours)

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Course overview

Honours is an additional year (full time) of study following completion of a three-year bachelor’s degree. It provides students an opportunity to develop research skills in their undergraduate major by undertaking advanced coursework and conducting a supervised but independent research project. An honours year adds greater depth to an undergraduate degree and is a pathway to both highly sought-after graduate programs in the public and private sectors, and postgraduate research courses.

Honours in Economics or Econometrics may be undertaken in:

Students are required to meet the relevant admission criteria. 

The Honours program aims to finetune students' analytical, problem solving, writing, presentation, and time-management skills. All units of study in the program are taught in smaller classes to facilitate greater interaction with academic staff and to enhance the Honours cohort learning experience.

Honours in Economics

Students intending to undertake honours in Economics should follow the Advanced Economics program from Year 2. The Advanced Economics program serves as a pathway to honours, providing high-level training in micro- and macroeconomics, mathematical economics, and applied econometrics. This prepares students for the advanced coursework and independent research that they will undertake in the honours year (Year 4).

In some cases, admission to the honours year is possible without having completed the Advanced Economics program (e.g., graduates of other institutions); however, applicants are expected to demonstrate a comparable level of preparation.

Please see the Economics subject area for admission criteria and course requirements.

Honours in Econometrics

Students intending to undertake honours in Econometrics should complete the Econometrics major with the required level of merit, intermediate (2000-level) units in micro- and macroeconomics and, where possible, other units from the Advanced Economics program as appropriate.

Please see the Econometrics subject area for admission criteria and course requirements.

Degree structure and requirements

For detailed information on degree requirements, please refer to the course resolutions.

Bachelor of Economics (Honours)

To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Economics (Honours), a candidate must complete 48 credit points, comprising:

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