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Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education)

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education), students will be able to:

No. Course Learning Outcome
1 Critically reflect on the role of HPE teachers to enhance learning outcomes for students from diverse backgrounds in a range of settings and enact socially just pedagogy.
2 Examine and apply relevant knowledge from a range of disciplines to inform professional practice.
3 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of evidence-based, inclusive and effectiveHealth and Physical Education.
4 Demonstrates ability to use opportunities for professional growth by undertaking research to develop their own professional practice and contribute to individual and social change through Health and Physical Education.
5 Apply culturally appropriate practices in Health and Physical Education (HPE).
6 Demonstrate understanding of the historical shifts in the meaning and value of health and physical education within schools.
7 Demonstrate ability to present a clear and coherent exposition of knowledge and ideas to support the place of health and physical education within schools.
8 Work ethically, inclusively and collaboratively in partnership with professional colleagues, students,families and communities in ways that recognize and promote diversity.