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Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communication)

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications), students will be able to

No. Course learning outcome
1 Demonstrate and apply advanced theory and knowledge in one or more discipline or area of practice in research, project, or work-based problems.
2 Apply advanced cognitive, technical and communication skills to select and apply methods and technologies.
3 Critically analyse and evaluate competing sources of knowledge and information using a variety of different modes of communication.
4 Generate arguments to formulate and test evidence-based  solutions to address complex problems by synthesising knowledge, experience and practice.
5 Communicate complex knowledge, data, skills and ideas effectively to others in a range of cultural and disciplinary contexts to diverse audiences through context-dependent forms of communication.
6 Apply knowledge and skills creatively to demonstrate autonomy, judgement, adaptability and ethical responsibility as a researcher, practitioner or learner by working productively and collaboratively in diverse groups and across disciplines and cultures.
7 Approach local and global challenges in research, professional practice, and civil life with personal integrity and intellectual rigor.
8 Develop innovative and original interpretations and insights.