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Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours)

Degree structure and requirements

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours)

The honours year allows you to extend your potential in studio-based and written research. You may continue to work in the area of your undergraduate study or undertake research in a different area.

You can choose to complete honours in Visual Arts either by studio practice and research paper; or by dissertation.

Your final examination will take place at the graduate exhibition at the end of the honours year. You are required to present your research paper and studio work; or dissertation with an oral examination, both to a panel of two examiners.

To allow for the level of critical awareness requisite for a successful completion of Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), both in the reflections on the studio project and in the shaping of the written component, it is strongly advised that students follow the Art History major pathway from the first year of the BVA or BVA/BAdvSt onwards.

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), a candidate must complete 48 credit points including:

  • 36 credit points of Honours units from the Visual Arts table, following either the by studio practice and research paper path or the by dissertation path.
  • 12 credit points of 4000 level elective units from the Visual Arts table.

Honours admission requirements

Admission into Honours requires the following:

- completion of the Bachelor of Visual Arts with an average of 70% or above;

- presentation of a research proposal outlining the proposed topic of investigation;

- for students with a pass degree from an institution other than the University of Sydney, the presentation of a portfolio of creative work demonstrating a level of expertise of for honours level is also required.

Prior to commencing honours, you will need to ensure you have completed all other requirements of the Bachelor of Visual Arts or other bachelor degree, including Open Learning Environment (OLE) units.

Requirements for honours

Requirements and units of study for honours can be found on the Visual Arts honours units of study page.

Contacts and further information

Website: Sydney College of the Arts

Website: School of Art, Communication and English