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Bachelor of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, students will be able to:

No. Course Learning Outcome
1 Demonstrate competencies germane to contemporary visual art and relate them to other disciplines.
2 Apply skills of communication and cognition to relevant discourses, methods,  and technologies.  
3 Demonstrate skills in methodologies and development across a range of discipline areas.
4 Demonstrate critical awareness of artistic processes, concepts and histories for the purpose of problem-solving and  justifying of decisions.
5 Demonstrate a commitment to visual arts practice and its situatedness within broader fields of activity.
6 Demonstrate innovative and lateral-minded approaches that lead to visually communicable results.
7 Demonstrate the ability to navigate and uphold a global perspective, accounting for various cultural differences and ethical positions.
8 Apply work health and safety to their art practice, and appraise how it is assessed for sustained safety.