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Bachelor of Visual Arts

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Visual Arts, students will be able to:

No. Course Learning Outcome
1 Demonstrate competencies germane to contemporary art, showing both conceptual and practical awareness. 
2 Demonstrate awareness of specialist studio genres, reflecting knowledge of their respective histories and contexts, and  the capacity to navigate and challenge them.
3 Apply conceptual, historical and practical skills in the development of a studio practice with outcomes of professional potential. 
4 Demonstrate the skills and strategies necessary for a critical awareness within art practice. 
5 Commit to art personal practice with a demonstrated ability to interact productively and collaboratively with the broader art world.
6 Create works of art that reflect a commitment to innovative and imaginative thinking. 
7 Show responsible and reflective cultural practices on a national and international scale, empathetic to the different values, and be responsive to the needs and expectations of others.
8 Apply work health and safety to their art practice, and appraise how it is assessed for sustained safety.