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Indigenous Studies

About the major

Develop your awareness and understanding of the rich heritage of Indigenous Australia. Explore diverse and changing Indigenous lifeworlds, drawing on the strength and wisdom of some of the oldest knowledge systems in the world, and utilising critical, decolonial perspectives from the disciplines of art, anthropology, history, politics, social sciences, linguistics, and health.

Understand the links between colonisation and contemporary issues. Learn the amazing history of Indigenous activism, including the struggle for land rights, civil and political rights, self-determination, language revitalisation, and health equity, as well as the pursuit of decolonial agenda. Be inspired by the significance of Country for identity and belonging, and the rich depths of varied cultural and linguistic expression.

The units reflect national and international trends in the discipline of Indigenous Studies, and articulate the many voices, perspectives and priorities of Indigenous peoples and communities. Students are given the opportunity to engage in analysis, discussion and debate around key issues for Australian and international Indigenous peoples, such as language and cultural revitalisation, world-leading Indigenous film and literature, the ongoing efforts to improve Indigenous health outcomes and the broader pursuit of Indigenous self-determination and social justice.

Requirements for completion

We welcome students from across Australia and the world who wish to complete the Indigenous Studies Major or Minor, or simply enrol in a single unit of study in the Indigenous Studies program.

Units of study are taught by Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics from across the University and experts from the wider community to develop your knowledge of the many voices, perspectives and priorities of Indigenous peoples and communities.

You will become equipped with the knowledge and skills to engage positively with Indigenous communities and organisations, gain insight into varied experience and perspectives, and learn how to support cultural wellbeing, integrity, and expression.

Connect to the Indigenous Studies unit of study table and learn how you can undertake the Indigenous Studies Major or Minor, or enrol in individual units to meet your interests.

Contacts and further information

Contact details and current academic coordinators can be found on theĀ Indigenous Studies website