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The Master of Publishing is a postgraduate coursework degree that focuses on developing the skills and knowledge required for the dynamic world of print, digital and audio publishing. Taught by industry practitioners and publishing scholars, the degree provides a solid grounding in the art and business of content creation and publishing. The degree allows students to acquire deep understanding of all the key publishing functions and a range of transferable skills.

The 18-month degree (three semesters) offers innovative professional training with direct vocational applications, as well as providing a broad understanding of the history of publishing, its cultural and technological context, and the key issues facing the publishing industry in the 21st century such as digital disruption, and the need to improve its accessibility, diversity and sustainability. Our units of study consider the fundamentals of various aspects of book and magazine publishing such as commissioning and acquisition; budgeting and finance; editorial; design and production for print, digital and audio delivery; project management; data analytics; sales and marketing. In addition, you can choose a variety of interdisciplinary elective units offered across the University.

The degree includes a competitive elective internship unit which is one of the capstone options. For those students not undertaking an internship, the capstone options are a professional project or a dissertation (two units – Dissertation Parts 1 and 2 completed across two semesters). Students can also join the Sydney University Anthology team, an extracurricular year-long student-led project, which provides participating students with the opportunity to apply their editing, design, marketing and project management skills to producing a real-life publication.

The Master of Publishing Reference Group provides provide strategic feedback and advice to the program in relation to the degree curriculum and key issues and directions in publishing education, practice, and research.

The Masters is aimed at students who wish to take up, or already occupy, career positions in the publishing industry or publishing roles in other organisations where an in-depth understanding of the publishing process would enhance their professional prospects. The Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate courses provide shorter avenues to update and extend your professional skills, explore new career directions, or a pathway to the Masters. All degrees can be taken as full-time or part-time.

The Masters will equip you with a broad range of cutting-edge and transferable skills, an understanding of the various sectors in the contemporary publishing industry and their challenges, a high degree of adaptability and supportive networks you will need to succeed. It will prepare you for careers with publishing houses of all sizes, publishing roles in other organisations, as well as working freelance or establishing your own business.

Six core units of study are available, of which students choose four: Editing and Proofreading; Publication Design; Book Publishing Business; Producing Books in the Digital Age; Making Magazines; Reading Magazines.

Students may enrol in 12 credit points of any postgraduate units outside of the Master of Publishing degree table. These may be taken from Media and Communications (MECO) electives with permission from the relevant degree director or from units of study offered by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or other faculties. Only 6 credit points may be taken from faculties outside of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

See also: Digital Communication and Cultures, Health CommunicationMedia PracticeStrategic Public Relations.

Awards and requirements

Please refer to the course resolutions in this handbook for information on the specific admission requirements for different coursework award courses.

Master of Publishing

Candidates for the Master of Publishing are required to complete 72 credit points including:

  • a minimum of 24 credit points of core units of study
  • a maximum of 42 credit points from elective units of study
  • at least 6 credit points of capstone units of study

Graduate Diploma in Publishing

Candidates for the Graduate Diploma in Publishing are required to complete 48 credit points including:

  • a minimum of 24 credit points of core units of study
  • a maximum of 24 credit points from elective units of study

Graduate Certificate in Publishing

Candidates for the Graduate Certificate in Publishing are required to complete 24 credit points including:

  • a minimum of 12 credit points of core units of study
  • a maximum of 12 credit points from elective units of study

Reduced volume of learning (RVL)

Candidates who have completed previous study in a relevant discipline may be eligible for a reduction in the requirements in accordance with the table below.

Level of prior learning Full-time duration Credit points to complete
Relevant professional experience equivalent to a Graduate Certificate 1 year 48
AQF Level 8 eg. Honours in a relevant discipline 1 year 48

Contacts and further information

Contact details can be found on these websites: