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Social Work (Qualifying)

Course resolutions

The course resolutions detailed in this page apply to all courses included in the table below under section 1 (course codes).

These resolutions must be read in conjunction with applicable University By-laws, Rules and policies including (but not limited to) the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2014 (the 'Coursework Rule'), the Coursework Policy 2021 (the 'Coursework Policy'), the Learning and Teaching Policy 2019, the Resolutions of the Faculty, University of Sydney (Student Academic Appeals) Rule 2021, the Academic Integrity Policy 2022 and the Academic Integrity Procedures 2022. Current versions of all policies are available from the Policy

1 Course codes

Code Course and stream title
MASOCQUA-01 Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

2 Attendance pattern

The attendance pattern for this course is full time or part time according to candidate choice.

3 Master's type

This master's degree is a professional master's course, as defined by the Coursework Rule.

4 Admission to candidature

(1)  Available places will be offered to qualified applicants based on merit, according to the following admissions criteria.

(2)  Admission to candidature for the Master of Social Work (Qualifying) requires:

(a) a bachelor's degree from the University of Sydney or equivalent qualification; and

(b) evidence of the ability to meet the required pre-requisite knowledge in relation to human development and of society; and

(c) evidence of employment history in human and community services industry.

(3)  In exceptional circumstances the Dean may admit applicants without a bachelor's degree who, in the opinion of the Faculty, have qualifications and evidence of experience and achievement sufficient to successfully undertake the award. This may include evidence through publications or authorship of official documents.

(4)  English Language requirements must be met where these are not demonstrated by sufficient qualifications taught in English.

5 Requirements for award

(1)  The units of study that may be taken for this course are set out in the Table of Units of Study for the Master of Social Work (Qualifying).

(2)  To qualify for the award of the Master of Social Work (Qualifying) a candidate must complete 96 credit points, comprising:

(a) 84 credit points of core units of study;

(b) a minimum of 6 credit points of capstone units of study; and

(c) a maximum of 6 credit points of elective units of study.

6 Progression rules

(1)  Except with the permission of the Dean, a candidate must complete all unit of study requirements specified for each year, including Field Education units, before proceeding to the next year.

(2)  Candidates must pass the core unit of study, SCWK5050 Practice Learning 1 and a minimum of

(3) 12 credit points before proceeding to the core unit of study, SCWK6050 Practice Learning 2. Candidates must complete a capstone unit in the final semester of the program.

7 Credit for previous study

(1)  Credit towards the Master of Social Work (Qualifying) may be granted under the following conditions:

(a) no more than 24 credit points will be granted;

(b) credit may be granted for previous supervised practice learning or equivalent professional practice experience. If granted it will be towards the unit of study, SCWK5050 Practice Learning 1, but may not be granted towards the unit of study, SCWK6050 Practice Learning 2. Application for credit for professional practice experience requires a minimum of three years full time equivalent practice in a relevant social work context; and

(c) the study must have been completed within five years of commencement of candidature for the Master of Social Work (Qualifying).

8 Course transfer

Candidates who have completed 24 credit points of units of study, including the unit of study SCWK5020 Social Work Theory and Practice may elect to exit the Master of Social Work (Qualifying) and graduate with the Graduate Certificate in Human and Community Services.

9 Transitional provisions

(1)  These resolutions apply to students who commenced their candidature after 1 January, 2024.

(2)  Candidates who commenced prior to 1 January, 2024 must complete the requirements in accordance with the resolutions in force at the time of their commencement.