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Advanced coursework

This page was first published on 15 November 2023 and was last amended on 12 January 2024.


Advanced coursework involves completion of 4000-level units that provide students with a greater intellectual challenge, enhancing knowledge, collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking. The coursework units give students the opportunity to deepen critical thinking skills, while the project units allow students to experience work outside the classroom by collaborating across disciplines on a substantial real-world project in a professional, community or entrepreneurial setting, increasing graduate employability.

Advanced coursework is available to students enrolled in a combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies degree. As part of their degree requirements, students must complete a minimum of 24 credit points of 4000-level advanced coursework units of study, including 12 to 36 credit points of 4000-level advanced coursework project units.

Advanced coursework units are available from:

Students can take any of the 4000-level units listed in the Advanced Coursework unit of study tables in each of these areas provided they meet the specified unit enrolment rules (e.g., pre-requisites).

For some streams (e.g. Media and Communications) or programs (e.g. Taronga), students must complete specific Advanced Coursework units to fulfill the requirement of that component. These units are only available to students enrolled in the stream or program and are listed in the handbook of the faculty administering the component.