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Dalyell stream (Table D)


The Dalyell stream is a targeted stream that offers outstanding students the opportunity to engage in challenging experiences to gain greater breadth and/or depth of learning in their degree, and achieve the graduate qualities to a high level. Students who participate in the Dalyell stream are known as the Dalyell Scholars.

As a Dalyell Scholar, you will be challenged academically, have opportunities to cultivate professional expertise and leadership, and become part of a worldwide network of leaders as you join the ranks of our most distinguished alumni.

Requirements of the Dalyell stream

All Dalyell Scholars need to complete 12 credit points of units distinctive to the Dalyell stream (Table D).

Dalyell Scholars will need to maintain a Cross-Semester Average Mark (CSAM) of 75 to remain in the stream.

Dalyell stream units (Table D)

Students must be enrolled in the Dalyell stream to take Dalyell stream units.

Dalyell stream units are intended to challenge high achieving students and develop the graduate qualities to a high level. They emphasise the development of vision, depth of understanding, adaptability, breadth of perspective, societal contribution and a high level of capability in operating across disciplinary and cultural boundaries. Dalyell Scholars may take Dalyell stream units offered by any faculty.

Accelerated enrolment and enrichment units

In addition to completing distinctive Dalyell units of study, Dalyell Scholars have access to optional enrichment opportunities including accelerated enrolment and enrichment units which will enhance the depth and breadth of their study.

Accelerated enrolment means you take units of study at a higher level earlier in your degrees. This may also include research focussed units of study. Accelerated units must come from within your core, program, major(s) or minors(s) and will act as substitutions for that degree component’s usual requirements. Students interested in accelerating their enrolment should contact their Dalyell Faculty Lead to discuss the opportunities available.

Enrichment units are a group of units of study outside of a student’s major area of study that  Dalyell Scholars can take as electives that will be counted towards the award requirements for the degree.

Enrichment units are available from:

Dalyell Scholars can enrol in enrichment units through Sydney Student, and can take units at their own year level or up to two years higher than their year level. The pre-requisites for these units are waived for Dalyell Scholars and special permission for students to enrol in these units will be granted without consultation with the Dalyell Coordinator or unit-of-study coordinator.

Expected qualities of a Dalyell Scholar

Dalyell Scholars Quality Relevant University of Sydney graduate qualities Stream aspect(s) cultivating this capability
Dalyell Scholars will be able to demonstrate a high degree of capability, resilience and agility in operating across cultural boundaries and engage ethically, respectfully and professionally in inter and cross-cultural settings and on the world-stage. Cultural competence
An integrated professional, ethical and personal identity
Dalyell units
Dalyell Scholars will be able to analyse and interpret complex scenarios, structure problems and develop effective cross/interdisciplinary, novel or research-based solutions to tackle systemic societal and global problems. Critical thinking and problem solving
Information and digital literacy
Dalyell units
Dalyell specific programs (eg languages)
Dalyell Scholars will integrate deep disciplinary knowledge and synthesise multiple viewpoints, practices or disciplines into their own perspective and will use this to influence others. Interdisciplinary effectiveness
Acceleration units
Enrichment units
Dalyell units
Dalyell specific programs

Dalyell Faculty Leads

Lead Faculty or University School
Dr Angela Hecimovic
The University of Sydney Business School
Dr Tina Hinton Faculty of Medicine and Health
Ms Brittany Klaassens The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning
A/Prof Marian Vidal-Fernandez
(Jan 2024 onwards)
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Dr Clement Cannone (until July 2024) Faculty of Engineering
Dr Toby Hudson Faculty of Science