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Dalyell enrichment units of study

Dalyell enrichment units are optional and can be taken by Dalyell Scholars as electives.

The list of available Dalyell enrichment units is organised by faculty. Dalyell Scholars can take units from any faculty with enrichment units on offer, including their own faculty.

They can take units at their own year level, or up to two years higher than their year level. For example, in the first year of their degree Dalyell Scholars can enrol in 2000 and 3000-level enrichment units. A Dalyell Scholar in the second year of their degree can enrol in 2000, 3000 and 4000-level enrichment units. Enrolment in enrichment units is via Sydney Student. Pre-requisites for these units are waived for Dalyell Scholars.

Questions about enrichment units can be directed to Dalyell Faculty Leads.