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Open learning environment (Table O)


Table O lists the units of study offered in the Open Learning Environment (OLE). OLE units are designed to help students build novel skill combinations and extend their knowledge by exploring other fields of study. They can be taken by undergraduate and Higher Degree Research students. We recommend that all students carefully choose OLE units that are suited to their level of study and assumed knowledge.

OLE units are worth either two (2) or six (6) credit points and are available to students who need to undertake OLE units to complete their degree. Refer to your Faculty Handbook for your specific course requirements.

OLE units have the same enrolment and assessment requirements as non-OLE units, such as census dates, grading and fees. Students enrol in OLE units through Sydney Student.

Undergraduate students

OLE units for undergraduate students cover topics including:

  • basic skills in programming
  • contemporary debates and cultures
  • data analysis and numerical skills
  • developing research skills
  • economics, entrepreneurial and design thinking
  • ethics and ethical reasoning
  • experiencing the world
  • foundational and advanced communication skills
  • health challenges and medical sciences
  • personal, interpersonal skills and intercultural skills
  • research skills and project management
  • STEM literacy
  • teamwork and team leadership.

Higher degree by research students

OLE units for higher degree by research students cover topics including:

  • artefact-based research skills
  • advanced numerical analyses
  • communication skills
  • culturally sensitive research projects
  • data analysis
  • engagement
  • ethics
  • languages and cultural contexts
  • project management
  • quantitative analysis
  • qualitative analysis
  • research methods.