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Complementary Medicines Regulation

Sydney Professional Certificate

Graduates of this Professional Certificate will have specialised knowledge in the Complementary medicines regulation.

Graduates will have cognitive skills to:

  • Understand the processes involved in the development, production, regulation and ethics of pharmaceutical products and devices with a focus on the complementary medicines industry.
  • Discussion of good manufacturing practice (GMP), quality standards and submission of product dossiers requirements for complementary medicines in Australia.
  • Evaluate the ethical aspects of medicine and device marketing with a special focus on assessing the level and quality of evidence to support the manufacturer’s claim for herbal and nutritional supplement products in Australia.
  • Appraise the internationalisation of complementary medicine products. for example regulation in Asia and other key areas for export.

Sydney Professional Certificate in Complementary Medicines Regulation

Students must complete:
(a) 12 credit points of 5000-level or higher units of study
Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites
C: Corequisites N: Prohibition
Pharmaceuticals: Development and Regulation
6 N PCOL5101
Therapeutic Product Vigilance