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Qualitative Health Research

Sydney Professional Certificate

Graduates of this Professional Certificate will have specialised knowledge in Qualitative Health Research.

Graduates will have cognitive skills to:

  • Review, analyse, consolidate and synthesise practical and theoretical knowledge of qualitative research
  • Apply advanced qualitative methodology and methods to complex issues in health research
  • Communicate qualitative health research findings within their professional roles.

Sydney Professional Certificate in Qualitative Health Research

Students must complete:
(a) 12 credit points of 5000-level units of study
Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites
C: Corequisites N: Prohibition

5000-level units of study

Qualitative Analysis and Writing in Health

6 A Students should have an understanding of qualitative research as this unit does not cover research design or data collection. Students looking for an introductory level unit should take FMHU5003 Introduction to Qualitative Research in Health.
P FMHU5003 or PUBH5505 or QUAL5005 or QUAL5006 or GLOH5201
N PUBH5506
Introduction to Qualitative Research in Health

6 N PUBH5505 or BACH5255 or QUAL5005