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High Performance in Sport

About the major

High Performance in Sport represents the pinnacle context of sports science application.

You will learn:

  • How interdisciplinary factors influence high performance and the athletic development process.
  • To apply measurement and testing techniques to evaluate athletic performance.
  • To interpret athletic performance data, synthesise research evidence and practical knowledge, identify strategies/solutions to refine best practices, and design appropriate training/intervention programs.

Requirements for completion

The High Performance in Sport major and minor requirements are listed in the High Performance in Sport table.

Contact and further information

The University of Sydney School of Health Sciences
T 1800 793 864

Learning outcomes

No. Learning outcome
1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the multiple (inter-disciplinary sport science) factors influencing high performance, and the athletic development process, in different sport settings.
2 Be able to apply a range of different measurement or testing techniques along with accompanying analytical approaches to assess and evaluate athletic performance within specific sport settings.
3 Be able to synthesise research evidence and applied practice knowledge to design appropriate training/intervention programs which target either facets of athletic development, performance improvement, or injury prevention.
4 Demonstrate the ability to review and interpret data associated with athletic performance; summarise and present findings; and identify strategies/solutions to refine best practice at a practitioner or organisational level to facilitate high performance.