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Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography)

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the program students will be able to:

No. Course learning outcome Graduate quality
1 Apply knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, pathology of body systems to the role of medical imaging for registration as a diagnostic radiographer role Depth of disciplinary expertise
2 Apply knowledge of personal, patient and departmental radiation safety and protection Depth of disciplinary expertise
3 Demonstrate an application of contemporary modalities and instrumentation to the clinical scenarios Depth of disciplinary expertise
4 Undertake critical inquiry, synthesise information presented in the context of medical imaging and apply knowledge to improve health care outcomes. Critical thinking and Problem solving
5 Communicate in oral and written forms to a range of audiences to provide effective health care practice as a Diagnostic Radiographer Communication (oral and written)
6 Interpret and evaluate information from a range of data and digital sources Information and Digital literacy
7 Adapt technique, patient care and clinical decision making to optimise health care delivery Inventiveness
8 Provide culturally competent health care in a range of intercultural settings Cultural competence
9 Engage in interprofessional practice in a variety of settings, especially in acute care and complex clinical settings. Undertake shared care roles and multidiscplinary team decision making related to medical imaging. Interdisciplinary effectiveness
10 Be a reflective and ethical practitioner through engaging in continued professional development and upholding professional standards Integrated professional, ethical and personal identity
11 Undertake continuing education and professional development to enhance professional practice Integrated professional, ethical and personal identity
12 Show responsibility, self-awareness and leadership in the practice of diagnostic radiography Influence

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